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Why basements are spooky filming locations

There are many reasons why basement locations are super scary for horror films. In this post we'll talk about why you might want to use a basement for your horror film location.

Spooky Basement
Check out this spooky basement location for filming.

If you're trying to scare people with your film then a great location is really important. Harry Samuel once said "Location, location, location" when describing what was important about a property, but the sentiment holds true for finding the perfect filming location as well.

Another image of a spooky basement
Even during the day this basement location is spooky.
Basements are defined as "the floor of a building which is partly or entirely below ground level."

Think about that definition of basement for a second. When I think of things buried underground I think of corpses. Just the act of being underground is reminiscent of being dead. That's a really big reason why basement locations are so scary.

picture of spooky basement
A long corridor heading outside or further into the basement.

Look at the above picture. There is something liminal about this space. Something creepy and not quite right. When things should be normal but aren't then that juxtaposition creates feelings of tension in the audience. This horror basement location would instill these creepy feelings into any audience that sees them.

scary crawl space
One of two scary crawl spaces in this location.

Tight spaces can be very scary to those with claustrophobia. This basement location has 2 connected crawl spaces that can be very spooky. Perfect place to hide bodies or have a monster jump out and scare you.

another room in the basement
Who knows what horrors this unfinished room has seen.

When paint is peeling and floors are cracked a space has this feeling of incompleteness that can inspire mystery. What could be held in those shelves? What horrors could jump out of he sink? What shadows could that creepy light cast? All questions your film or photo shoot could answer if you rented out this basement location.

final basement image.
Entrance to the basement main room and a storage room too.

The last reason basements are scary to film in is sort of a cop out reason. You see this whole article was written with SEO in mind to get you to visit to find out about how affordable it is to rent for your next film or photo shoot. Anyway, this last cop out reason is that any space can be scary if you film it properly. Light it right, get the correct actors and a spooky scenario and you'll make nightmares into reality. So rent this basement location, the film basement LA, and make something spooky!

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