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2024 Film Basement Horror Film Awards Winners!

Feature Films

Best of the Fest Award - Last Radio Call

Best Premise Award - Occupants

The Spooky Award - Redhead

Best Jump Scare Award - The Darkening Hour

Scariest Monster Award - It's a Wonderful Slice

Gore Award - Fake News - The Bloody Truth

The Subtlety Award - The Nightstalker Case : Investigation 

Psychological Distress Award - The Woodmen

Best Chase Scene Award - Cruel

Best Horror Comedy Award - That Monster Gang

Best Actress Award - Cursed

Best Actor Award - Murder in Black Satin

Best Cinematography Award - Corridors

Best Score Award - Blood Bait

Best Editing Award - Idiot Boy

Best Sound Design Award - Midnight Bloodshed

The Action Award - Fractured Sanity

Best Production Design Award - The Box

Best Practical Effects Award - Body Count

Best Directing Award - Manhattan Zodiac '77

Feature Screenplays

Best of the Fest Award - Virulence

The Bloody Award - Misfortune Cookie

Scariest Story Award - Simon Says

The Scream On Screen Award - Face of Beth

Short Films

Best of the Fest Award - Watch Over Me

Best Premise Award - Basement Ghosts

The Spooky Award - The Ghost And His Unfortunate But Phenomenal Tale

Best Jump Scare Award - The Bloody Man

Scariest Monster Award - Supreme Claws of Justice

Gore Award - Dweller of the Twilight Void

Subtlety Award - A Very Short Horror Film 2 - Kindred Souls

Psychological Distress Award - Self Reflections

Best Chase Scene Award - Hauntings of Highway 35

Campy Award - Ashley Bones: The Bimbo Cannibal

Best Horror Comedy Award - Marvin The Vampire

Best Actress Award - The Whistler

Best Actor Award - Officer Friendly

Best Child Actor Award - The PhotoGraph

Best Cinematography Award - Kalimba

Best Score Award - The Beast

Best Editing Award - Grace

Best Sound Design Award - Bio-Cosmic

Best Makeup Award - Eye for an Eye

Best Production Design Award - Tip

Best Practical Effects Award - Blinded

The Action Award - - Personatus -

Best Directing Award - The Sinister Strain

Short Screenplays

Best of the Fest Award - Patrimony

The Bloody Award - Bloody Mary

The Scariest Story Award - Ipsum Revelare

The Scream On Screen Award - Team Bonding

Runner Up

Psychological Distress Award - Enter the Room

Best Practical Effects - Girl From the South

Best Jump Scare - Dream Loop

Gore Award - Buckett's Brand New Bar

Best Actress - Melopmene

Best Directing - They Know It

Best Horror Comedy - Final Girls' Bloodbath

Best Premise - Yuggoth

Best Premise - Sincopat

Campy Award - Shoes

Campy Award - What Lurks Within

Best Production Design - Delirium

Scariest Monster - Chased

Best Makeup - Greed

Best Actor - The Foot of the Bed

Subtlety Award - Three AM

The Spooky Award - The Boiler Man

Best Actress - Grace

The Action Award - Routine

Best Directing - A Look In The Mirror

Psychological Distress Award - New Skin

The Spooky Award - Beneath The Surface

Scariest Monster - Beware of D..

Best Actor - Alone

Best Actress - The Realtor

Best Cinematography - Consent

Subtlety Award - SIS-TER

Best of the Fest - Insect

Scariest Monster - Rock Inn

Best Actor - The Chess Club

Best of the Fest - Lockdown

Best of the Fest - Border Flesh

Scariest Story - Hibernation

The Scream On Screen Award - ReView

Scariest Story - For The Hell of It

The Bloody Award - Eggs in the Attic

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