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Film Basement International Film Festival 2023 Award Winners!



Sweetest Vacation


Turkey's Cooked

Downsizing 2

Slinging Dad's Dope

Narrative Micro Short - Best Sound Design

Narrative Short - Best Premise

Narrative Short - Best Action

Narrative Short - Best Comedy, Best Actress, Best Director

Narrative Micro Short - Best Horror

Narrative Short - Best Drama


Robot Asteroid


100 Days a Tutsi

Murder Biz

The Manor

Best Science Fiction Feature

Best Thriller Feature

Best Drama Feature

Best Twist Feature

Best Horror Pilot


The Library or Chinese Humanities: Chinese Classics Coming Alive to the World

Harvard-Yenching Library and its Rare Book Collections

Far Earth: Flat Earth vs NASA

Documentary Short - Best Interview



Documentary Short - The Spotlight Award


Documentary Feature - Best Reflexive Documentary


Body Issues


Experimental Feature Film - The Absurdity Award

Experimental Short Film - The Absurdity Award

 Music Video 


Metal Dreams

Best Idea, Best Director, Best Pop Video

Best Heavy Metal Video

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