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2023 Film Basement Horror Film Awards Winners

Feature Films

Best of the Fest Award - Dog

Best Premise Award - We Did It

The Spooky Award - Impending Catastrohpe

Best Jump Scare Award - 6 Wheels From Hell

Scariest Monster Award - Combing Back For You

Gore Award - Hell Nurse

Subtlety Award - Sins Of The Mother

Psychological Distress Award - Guardian

Best Chase Scene Award - Dog

Campy Award - Welcome To The Torture Museum

Best Horror Comedy Award - Murder, Anyone?

Best Actress Award - The Sawyer Massacre

Best Actor Award - 6 Wheels From Hell

Best Cinematography Award - Dog

Best Score Award - Death Metal

Best Editing Award - The Hounds Of Darkness

Best Sound Design Award - Dog

Best Makeup Award - Death Metal

Best Production Design Award - Doctor Hypothesis

Best Practical Effects Award - Ravage Nation

Best Directing Award - Dog

Short Films

Best of the Fest Award - Aurelio's Nightmare

Best Premise Award - Present

The Spooky Award - Stoker

Best Jump Scare Award - The Dark Midnight

Scariest Monster Award - Black Hand

Gore Award - Nun With A Chainsaw

Subtlety Award - Horror Story

Psychological Distress Award - Predation

Best Chase Scene Award - Jason Z

Campy Award - Pretty Creepy Dolls

Best Horror Comedy Award - Hairy

Best Actress Award - A Hymn for Her

Best Actor Award - Save The Date

Best Child Actor Award - Jacked

Best Cinematography Award - Idling

Best Score Award - Bagthakaar

Best Editing Award - Script

Best Sound Design Award - Goodnight Mother

Best Makeup Award - The Chaotic Melody of Tina

Best Production Design Award - Chateau Sauvignoin:terrior

Best Practical Effects Award - Number 7

The Action Award - Dead by Daylight Hunted

Best Directing Award - Interference

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