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Film Basement Horror Film Awards

Submissions open for FBHFA 2025


How does the Film Basement Horror Film Awards Work?

All films that apply to this competition will be granted Official Selection status.


Only those deemed worthy will have a chance to win an award in the following categories.

Best of the Fest - Short Film

Best of the Fest - Feature Film

Best of the Fest - Short Screenplay

Best of the Fest - Feature Screenplay

Best Premise - Short Film

Best Premise - Feature Film

The Spooky Award - Short Film

The Spooky Award - Feature Film

Best Jump Scare - Short Film

Best Jump Scare - Feature Film

Scariest Monster - Short Film

Scariest Monster - Feature Film

Gore Award - Short Film

Gore Award - Feature Film

Subtlety Award - Short Film

Subtlety Award - Feature Film

Psychological Distress Award - Short Film

Psychological Distress Award - Feature Film

Best Chase Scene - Short Film

Best Chase Scene - Feature Film

Campy Award - Short Film

Campy Award - Feature Film

Best Horror Comedy - Short Film

Best Horror Comedy - Feature Film

Scariest Story - Feature Screenplay

Scariest Story - Short Screenplay

The Scream on Screen Award - Short Screenplay

Best Actor - Short Film

Best Actor - Feature Film

Best Actress - Short Film

Best Actress - Feature Film

Best Cinematography - Short Film

Best Cinematography - Feature Film

Best Score - Short Film

Best Score - Feature Film

Best Editing - Short Film

Best Editing - Feature Film

Best Sound Design - Short Film

Best Sound Design - Feature Film

Best Makeup - Short Film

Best Makeup - Feature Film

Best Production Design - Short Film

Best Production Design - Feature Film

Best Child Acting - Short Film

Best Child Acting - Feature Film

Best Practical Effects - Short Film

Best Practical Effects - Feature Film

Best Directing - Short Film

Best Directing - Feature Film

The Action Award - Short Film

The Action Award - Feature Film

The Bloody Award - Feature Screenplay

The Bloody Award - Short Screenplay

The Scream on Screen Award - Short Screenplay

Awards will be announced on 3/23/25. 

The"Best of the Fest" award winners will screen and be read live at the festival on April 1st & 2nd 2025. (dates subject to change)

You can submit your film to as many categories as you'd like.


Films are eligible to win multiple awards.

You can submit multiple projects.


There are no limitations related to premiere status or film completion dates.

All awards are decided at the sole discretion of

All award winners will receive a coupon for 20% off on Film Basement location rentals for 1 year.

Submissions are only accepted through Film Freeway. Only online submissions will be accepted at this time.

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