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The Film Basement Horror Film Awards 2024 award winners list is live!

Dear Horror Enthusiasts,

The eerie whispers of suspense and the spine-chilling moments of terror have finally converged to reveal the ghastly victors of the Film Basement Horror Film Awards 2024! We are thrilled to announce that the list of award winners has been unleashed upon the world, lurking ominously on our website for your viewing pleasure.

You can feel the anticipation building, can't you? The thrill of discovering which films have clawed their way to the top, leaving audiences trembling in fear or screaming in delight. Brace yourselves, for the time has come to delve into the darkest depths of cinematic horror excellence.

Without further ado, we invite you to witness the coronation of the masters of fear, the champions of the macabre, and the conquerors of nightmares.

This year's selection boasts an array of spine-tingling entries that have captivated audiences with their sheer dread-inducing brilliance. From bone-chilling performances to heart-pounding thrills, each winner has left an indelible mark on the horror genre, proving once again that fear is a force to be reckoned with.

Join us in celebrating the visionaries behind these terrifying tales, from directors who dared to push the boundaries of horror to the actors who brought nightmares to life with their haunting portrayals. Let us raise our glasses to their audacity, their creativity, and their unyielding commitment to keeping us awake at night.

But the horror doesn't end here. As you peruse the list of winners, be sure to mark your calendars for the upcoming screenings and readings happening live at the film basement on April 1st and 2nd. The Schedule can be found here -

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