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Submissions for the Film Basement Horror Film Awards have closed.

The submissions for the Film Basement Horror Film Awards have officially closed and the festival director cannot express enough gratitude towards all the participants for their outstanding contributions. The response was overwhelming, with so many amazing entries making it tough for the judges to narrow down the winners.

Horror films have always been a popular genre, and the number of submissions for this festival proved just how much it continues to captivate and inspire filmmakers. There is a certain thrill that comes with watching a horror film, and the festival director could not be happier to see the art form blossoming.

The judges had a tough time making their decisions. With so many high-quality submissions, it was challenging to choose just a few winners. Every submission had its own unique flavor and style, making it a difficult but exciting process for the judges.

The anticipation for the screening on March 21st is palpable. The festival director cannot wait to see the final selections on the big screen and is excited for the audience to experience them. The screening will undoubtedly be a night filled with suspense, thrills, and surprises.

The awards will be posted at the end of the screening, and the festival director hopes that all the participants will be proud of their work, regardless of the outcome. The awards ceremony will be a time to celebrate the talent and dedication of all the filmmakers who contributed to the festival.

In conclusion, the Film Basement Horror Film Awards have been a resounding success, thanks to the incredible contributions of all the participants. The festival director is filled with hope and excitement for the future of horror films and the art form in general. The awards ceremony will undoubtedly be a night to remember, and the festival director cannot wait to see what the future holds for the horror film genre.

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