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Should filmmakers keep making horror films when the world is already so scary?

Yes. Yes they should. There are a few reasons why that I will go over in this article, but first a picture of the film basements bathroom followed by some preamble.

a bathroom that is half nice and half not.
This is the bathroom at the film basement.

So things are pretty scary right now right? Wars, an assault on human rights, growing divisions both at home and globally, the looming threat of nuclear apocalypse, the growing burden thrust upon us by 21st century society. All these things and more grow more and more concerning each and every day, so why would anyone want to go to a theatre, or click on a link that is going to show them something that scares them even more? Here are a few reasons why.

A storage room with colorful party lights.
Storage room with party lights at the film basement

1) The art an artist chooses to make is up to them. Yes, the financial backers, studio heads, producers, and spouses may have a say in it, but at the end of the day the artist gets to choose what they make. If you are a filmmaker who wants to make horror then you absolutely should. Just because the world looks like it is devolving into chaos doesn't mean you should have to censor what you want to make.

A dirty brick crawl space.
The Film Basement's dirty brick crawl space.

2) Sometimes making something scary is a great way to shine a light on issues that you want to see changed in the world. If you make something that resonates and goes viral you have the chance to shape the conversation for the better. Fear is our most primitive emotion and using it to tell story and enact change for the better would put you in league with some of human-kinds best artists.

An empty, liminal basement room
The Film Basement's liminal main room.

3) Everyone processes trauma in a different way and many artists use their art to better help them come to terms with whats bothering them. You might find the world scary and want to show in what specific way you find it scary and making a film about it may help you grow as a person.

Another unfinished basement picture
The Film Basement Laboratory

If you feel like making a horror or thriller or any kind of film or art than you should. If you are looking for the perfect place to shoot then check out the for your location.

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