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Announcing the Film Basement Horror Film Awards!

We here at the film basement want to celebrate all things horror. What better way than by throwing our very own horror film awards showcase!

Short films under 13 minutes and feature films between 69 - 180 minutes are encouraged to apply.

Look at this insane list of awards you can win!

Best of the Fest - Short Film Best of the Fest - Feature Film Best Premise - Short Film Best Premise - Feature Film The Spooky Award - Short Film The Spooky Award - Feature Film Best Jump Scare - Short Film Best Jump Scare - Feature Film Scariest Monster - Short Film Scariest Monster - Feature Film Gore Award - Short Film Gore Award - Feature Film Subtlety Award - Short Film Subtlety Award - Feature Film Psychological Distress Award - Short Film Psychological Distress Award - Feature Film Best Chase Scene - Short Film Best Chase Scene - Feature Film Campy Award - Short Film Campy Award - Feature Film Best Horror Comedy - Short Film Best Horror Comedy - Feature Film Best Actor - Short Film Best Actor - Feature Film Best Actress - Short Film Best Actress - Feature Film Best Cinematography - Short Film Best Cinematography - Feature Film Best Score - Short Film Best Score - Feature Film Best Editing - Short Film Best Editing - Feature Film Best Sound Design - Short Film Best Sound Design - Feature Film Best Makeup - Short Film Best Makeup - Feature Film Best Production Design - Short Film Best Production Design - Feature Film Best Child Acting - Short Film Best Child Acting - Feature Film Best Practical Effects - Short Film Best Practical Effects - Feature Film Best Directing - Short Film Best Directing - Feature Film

The submission period is between August 10th, 2022 and March 10th, 2023.

If you want to submit, head over to Film Freeway.

The best short film and the best feature film will play live in the film basement on March 21st 2023.

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