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5 things you can shoot in our unfinished basement.

Sometimes you get that itch to dust off your camera and shoot something. Inspiration strikes and you know you're in for some fun pre-production and post-production so that what you capture during production turns out great.

But what happens when you don't know what to shoot, or don't know where you can shoot. Well you're in luck because this article will talk about some different ideas for what to shoot in the film basement!

spooky shot of the unfinished basement
Spooky shot of the unfinished basement

1) A horror film! This space naturally lends itself to horror. With the faded walls and unfinished floors it's practically impossible to not give off that creepy vibe for your next horror film.

Party time in the unfinished basement
Party time in the unfinished basement.

2) A Party scene! Not only are there fun party lights in the storage area of the unfinished basement, but the large cavernous space of the main hall mixed with the circular design of the space means you are able to shoot long tracking shots that go through the space which you can full with people partying.

The storage area
The storage area

3) A Nostalgic Romance! What's more romantic then a couple going through old boxes and remembering the good times they shared together? This setting can easily work for a nasty break up or divorce story location as well.

Outdoor space adjacent to the film basement
Outdoor space adjacent to the film basement

4) A hangout vid! Have your actors lounge under the sun on a bench and some chairs reminiscing or making a plan. Lot's can be done with this outdoor space adjacent to the film basement.

the film basement bathroom
The film basement bathroom

5) A toilet paper commercial! Every great commercial director gets their start somewhere so why not with a totally hilarious toilet paper commercial?

This is just a small sample of what is possible. Now that you see the versatility of the space, the creative juices are probably flowing. Come shoot at the film basement to make some movie magic!

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