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Are you looking for a basement location for your next film shoot?  This unfinished basement has the perfect creepy vibes for your horror film or any other film that might need a basement as a location. Check out the pictures below and contact us if you're interested in renting the space out for your shoot.

Unfinished Basement - Horror, Scary, Haunted, Abandoned, War-torn, Deserted House.


You can book through Giggster. Click the link below to check out the listing!



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I shoot here?

A. This location is perfect for a number of different types of shoots. It can easily be used as a horror location or dressed to look like a man cave, storage area or any number of things. The owner (hello) of the space works in the film industry as is sympathetic to productions and will work with you to try to make things work. 

Q. Can I come do a location scout?

A. Yes! Reach out via the contact sheet below or through Giggster to schedule. 

Q. What is the parking situation?

A. There is free street parking on both sides of the street. Street cleaning (times you could get a ticket) happen on Thursday 10am-12pm on one side of the street and Friday 10am-12pm on the other side of the street. Larger productions will likely need to find crew parking accommodations. 

Q. What is the bathroom situation?

A. There is a usable toilet at this location. You can also use the bathroom for shooting purposes. 

Q. What is there in terms of staging areas?

A. There are a few different areas both in and around the basement to stage gear and put crafty. 

Q. Do I need an insurance certificate?

A. Yes.

Q. How can I find out if the space is available for shooting?

A. Please reach out using the contact sheet below. 

Q. How do I pay?

A. Please book through Giggster.



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